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Historic Competition Services is specialised in the restoration, renovation, recreation and preparation of classic cars. We have experience in the preparation of the world’s most exotic and specialised vehicles like race winning pre and post war grand prix cars, endurance rally cars, concourse show cars and airworthy World War II Fighter plane engines.

Other than restoration, we also offer a range of top-quality services to give your classic car what it needs: engine and transmission upgrades, gearbox design and manufacturing, engine component design and manufacturing including castings in aluminium or cast iron, aluminium bodywork repairs, engine building, servicing, rally and race support, transportation, car sales, etc.

HCS wants to make sure you can enjoy your car experience to the full without having to worry about technical problems. On top of that, our company also aims to be a place where classic car enthusiasts meet and share the passion for the art of engineering, where friends and customers are welcome to join in our great adventure.


When Julian Messent founded HCS in 2015, he already had more than 30 years of experience in the business. As a child, he was always playing with mechanics and fixed everything, after dismantling it first.  After leaving school, he took on an Engineering Apprenticeship aiming to become a fully qualified B Tech Engineer. Once out of the classroom and onto the shop floor, he quickly learned from his masters that a degree would never be a substitute for experience. Therefore, throughout his whole life, he never stopped learning, studying, reading, experiencing and doing constant research which became his way of life. When he came to Belgium in 1993 to set up another well-known restoration company, he designed and developed a range of thousands of parts for the Pre-War Lagonda that are today found in almost every pre-war Lagonda that is driving.  Julian is Wold renowned as one of the top Pre-War engine specialists,  and general pre-war Lagonda expert and is widely consulted by collectors from far and near. 


After Julian decided to create HCS in 2015, his aim was to surround himself with people who could add experience to his own and enlarge the automotive knowledge base even more.  He has now formed a team of highly experienced mechanics and with Christophe Limouzin joining in 2019 as general manager, the team seems to be complete. 


HCS recently added Formhalls Vintage Engineering to the HCS-group, the world’s leading White Metal Bearing specialist based in England. With this merger, we have added a fantastic range of extra skills to our company and decades of additional experience.


Please have a look around our website to see all of the services we have to offer.


There is no substitute for experience. Let our team at HCS give you the best so you can enjoy your car experience to the full.